· Psychogenesis                                                                  An organisation  of  Psychological Treatment, Psycho-Counselling, Psychotherapy,   Career Test Applied Counselling Training,  and  Counselling Courses.... read more

· Counselling  Services

Cunselling , Psychotherapy   for Adult, Child and Aadolescence  Counselling,      Parental    Counselling and Geriatric Counselling.......read more

Case-management for Old and New patients.

· Child Guidance Clinic

Consultancy and Guidance to  the    parents  to identify any mental  disturbance like Autism , MR ,  ADHD,Learning Disability, Conduct  disorder.

Parenting Orientation  Program for child nurturing and better parenting.

· We facilitate clinical Psychometric Test of all kind...

· Identify  your Personality's  Strength and Weakness...know more

· Career Counselling Center

Diagnosis of appropriate stream of study and potential career and job options.Test administer by Group of psychologist.         

Group Career Counselling for School ,College and study-institution... 

· Research and Development

Research program for development of  Psychometric Test Inventories, Stress, Anxiety and mental illness ....many more

Transformation  of   Psychometric Test  Kit in Indian Language.

· Psychotherapy  and Neuro Linguistic Programming  Exciting  classes on applied Psychotherapy i.e Behaviour Therapy (BT) Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and  Neuro Linguistic Programming 

· Training ,Classes and skill development Program

Training on Applied Psychological Counselling ,Psychotherapies, Child Psychology  and Crisis Management ;  Teenage and  Geriatric Counselling ; Family Counselling ....... read more 

· Practical Training of  Psychometric Test  with  individual  care  and  original  Test Instrument  or Test-Kits.......

Training is provided in small batch of Six  or Eight students with individual.

· Psychogenesis Publication                                         Available  exciting  useful  new Psychology Books in Bengali for psychology students and common people.            

· FOUR MONDAY  Workshop  on  PLAY THERAPY  is starting from        22 April  ,11 am to 5 pm ,including Snacks and Lunch

· One Day Workshop on 16 PF CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP  on  24 April,2019, Monday,11 am to 5 pm See more .......

· Enroll your name at 9231000080 form any course.

· OUR new official Mobile No 9432544404

·  We teach and conduct psychometric  training and practice session for IGNOU students , according to the syllabus of MA Psychology 1st year  and 2nd year. Talk to reception at  9231000080 

Photo Gallery

 Psychometric Test in Nabo Proyas
One Day Play Therapy Workshop
Workshop on IQ Test of MISIC

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